Sublingual Vitamin B12

The Benefits and Side Effects of Sublingual B12


Sublingual Vitamin B12

Sublingual B12 Works Faster And Is More Effective

If you are diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency, one way you can treat your condition is by taking sublingual vitamin B12. Some say that it is the fastest way you can get vitamin B12 into your system. Others say that this form of substance administration is the way by which you get to use most of the nutrients that you take. Whatever the reason, you need to correct your vitamin B12 deficiency at once. Not doing so may result in more serious problems.

It is not just dizziness, lack of energy and lapses in memory that you should worry about. Deficiency may lead to more serious problems, such as permanent nerve and neural damage. Going back to a healthy balance is very important. You should really take vitamin B12 supplements as soon as you can. At the initial deficiency stage, it is still relatively easy to correct the damage that has been done. The faster you can get it into your system, the better. And here is where sublingual B12 could help you.

sublingual vitamin b12Sublingual Vitamin B12
Sublingual vitamin B12 is one way of administering B12 to those who are deficient in it. It is introduced under your tongue for faster and more efficient delivery of the nutrients into your system. The mucous membrane under your tongue is the thinnest of all your membranes. If you introduce your supplements in this place, they will be readily absorbed by your bloodstream and the nutrients will be delivered right away to the organs that need them.

In this regard, you get the following advantages over other forms of B12:

1) With the substances readily absorbed by your system and quickly delivered to your organs, you will feel faster relief from the symptoms you are suffering.
2) More of the nutrients are absorbed by your system because they do not go via digestive tract before they are assimilated. There is less wastage, which is typical of B12 taken orally.
3) More importantly, you will be able to stop the damage done to your system and your organs faster than any other method, except injections, and with little chance of any side effects.

Other Ways You Can Correct Your Lack Of Vitamin B12
In order to appreciate sublingual vitamin B12, perhaps it is good to know the other ways of treating B12 deficiency.

1) Vitamin B12 pills, tablets and capsules – these forms of supplements are taken orally. As such, all of them have to pass the digestive tract to be processed before our system is able to use them. In the process of digestion, most of the nutrients are eliminated through our urine and feces. There are studies that show absorption levels to be around 2% to 5% for tablets, pills and capsules. With sublingual vitamin B12, you absorb close to 100% of the nutrients that you take.
2) Vitamin B12 patches – these are patches you attach to your skin where vitamin B12 is directly delivered to your bloodstream. A membrane in the patch regulates the rate at which the nutrients are released. This is another way by which most of the nutrients are used by your system. It is designed for those who have difficulty in absorbing vitamin B12. But vitamin patches are more expensive than other types of vitamin B12 supplements.
3) Vitamin B12 Injectons – this is where vitamin B12 is directly injected to the recipient. This type of vitamin B12 supplement is for people who have problems absorbing it. Either they lack the intrinsic factor or are just too advanced in age. It is the most expensive form of vitamin B12. The B12 is delivered all at once, and is usually only given in either serious cases of deficiency or if the patient has problems absorbing B12 in other forms. It must be done by a health professional because it can have side effects like heart palpitations, and skin rashes at the point of injection.

The Convenience And Effectiveness Of Sublingual Vitamin B12
So, it is easy to see that taking sublingual vitamin B12 is more convenient and more effective than other forms. It is more cost-effective since almost all of the nutrients will be absorbed by your system. Although it costs more than vitamin B12 pills, capsules and tablets, your recovery is faster and more certain if you use this form. You also don’t need to worry about side effects, as they are very rare – as long as you take the correct dose.


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